reqWhen you apply for a payday loan with Loan Stop you need to bring a few things with you.

Almost everyone can qualify for a payday loan. As long as you have proof of your income, a checking account and identification, you should be eligible for a cash advance from Loan Stop.

Good credit is not required to take out a loan for up to 25% of your net income. Payday loans are the best solution for short-term budget shortfalls. The terms and conditions at Loan Stop are fair and understandable.

Download everything you need to know and bring with you when getting a payday loan here.

  • Customers with Online Banking:

    • Current Paycheck Stub
    • Valid ID
    • Voided Check Upon Arrival
    • Have your login information - You will be asked to print your Bank Statement from the lobby computer.
  • Customers without Online Banking:

    • Original, most current Bank Statement - Must be the original, mailed to you from your Bank (no Photo copies)
    • Current Paycheck Stub
    • Valid ID
    • Voided Check Upon Approval
  • Don't have an original Bank Statement?

    We can accept a printout of bank activity from your bank - IF it is stamped AND signed by the teller.